Prime time Jacob Lusk doing R Kelly's version of "I Believe I Can Fly," on "American Idol." I am so looking forward to this.

He's out there in his suit, just singing it. There's an urgent, compelling quality to his voice. He gives it some gospel, even before the choir comes out to join him.

Yeah, this guy is special. He owns the stage, so powerful and authentic. Hits the big notes, and is just doing his thing -- some roughness, but my gosh, such a natural talent.  

"Pure passion, pure music, I can't even judge you, that's how good you are," says Steven Tyler. "It is very hard to judge you," says Jennifer Lopez, because "you make us feel so much."

Randy Jackson says "you have such a signature sound." He tells him it was a bit sharp and rough in the middle, but nailed the end. "I'm excited every time you hit the stage."

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