James Durbin performs "Uprising" on "American Idol." (April 20, 2011)

James Durbin performs "Uprising" on "American Idol." (April 20, 2011) Credit: Fox

James Durbin up next on "American Idol," doing Muse's "Uprising." It's pure theater. He calls it a "post-apocalyptic" feel. He comes out from backstage with part of a marching band. 

His voice is just great -- he wails out the song, drawing out the notes, going uber-high. Totally creative and interesting to listen to, even if not the most melodic. Big energy from the crowd afterward, the marching band plays itself off.

Jennifer Lopez calls it "theatrically the best performance of the night," says it's "amazing." Randy Jackson wants him to sing like this on his album. He calls it "unbelievable."

Steven Tyler says he loves that he's "out of his mind, beautifully so." 




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