Late night talk show hosts Jay Leno, left, and Jimmy...

Late night talk show hosts Jay Leno, left, and Jimmy Fallon pose backstage at the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Jan. 13, 2013. Credit: Reuters

Gone not a year, he is back -- Jay, that is.

The former host of "The Tonight Show," one Jay Leno, will be debriefed by the current host, one Jimmy Fallon, on Friday's edition, according to the Associated Press, which reported this Monday morning: 

One topic of conversation for his "Tonight" appearance likely will be his recent acceptance of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. He was given the award in Washington last month in a ceremony that will be televised on PBS on Nov. 23.

But you may also be certain Leno is appearing to discuss his new primetime series about cars on CNBC -- a major deal for CNBC that has been faltering and needs something in primetime to get viewers. That show was announced a few weeks ago, but many details remain unknown -- frequency, exact format, and so on. Maybe Jimmy Fallon will ask.

Leno has been back to "Tonight" since his February departure (in a skit) but this marks his first time as a guest in many many years, or since he was the stand-in host for Johnny Carson's "Tonight."  Meanwhile, "Late Show with David Letterman" has asked him to appear as well, and don't be surprised if the next post you read will be about Leno agreeing to an appearance there as well.

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