Remember Joaquin Phoenix's infamous dead-man-walking appearance on "Letterman" in February of '09? The mumble...the shuffle...the silence...the sad dreds...the utter indifference to Dave, the audience, life in general?

He's back. Joaquin, that is.

On Wednesday Sept. 22.

As the few unlucky and unwise souls who discarded 12 bucks to watch "I'm Still Here" over the weekend, Phoenix and Casey Affleck apparently included the entire Feb. '09 appearance on the film - raising the very real possibility that the whole thing was a hoax that Letterman was party to. I'm stil not sure - and no one else is either. Maybe a hoax. Maybe not. Who cares, really.

Of course, eveyrone will watch to see if JP really did put the world on with a Borat-like performance, or really has nose-dived off the deep-end.   

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