New Yorker Nick Boddington next on "American Idol," lets his sweet tone soar on James Morrison's "Say Something." He's got a cool vibe; relaxed and easy up there, not oversinging or jumping around too much. Doesn't have me on the edge of my seat but it's well-sung.

Keith Urban praises the "timbre" of his voice, but wanted to feel more connected to him, tells him to pick a song that "lets you shed your heart." Nicki Minaj likes how he doesn't try too hard, but was looking for something more as well. Randy Jackson wasn't sure about his understated song choice, says "you just never had a moment in that song." Mariah Carey says she heard "a moment."

Josh Holliday next, at the piano playing an original song, "I'm Better With You." He's deliberate and compelling at the start before jumping up and grabbing the mic and showing off a nice falsetto -- I wish he stayed at the piano. Audience is shrieking; he's a bit breathless, but seems like a teen idol already.

"You have a really great voice," Urban, says, but cut loose even more and show more passion. Minaj wanted him to "stay on the piano," loved his "sweetness" but once he started jumping around felt like it became too much of an audition and not as original of a performance. Jackson "liked" everything, "I just don't know if I was wowed." Carey rambles but liked him too.

Tells Ryan Seacrest afterward he "stayed at the piano for nine hours and pounded out" his song after Hollywood week.

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