Young pals Jeremy Rosado, Ariel Sprague, Gabi Carrubba and David Leathers next up on "American Idol," doing "Rockin' Robin" -- some tensions as they try to work through the unfamiliar song. 

Leathers and his sweetness leads off, judges are smiling immediately. They're good; Sprague and Carrubba  play well off each other; even when people aren't singing they're into it, not just going through the backup motions.

"Nice, nice; that was hot, man, I was really, really impressed," says Randy Jackson. Jennifer Lopez likes Sprague's smile, everyone gets individual praise; and are all through!

"We're a family, and we're going to go all the way," Sprague says afterward.

Adam Brock's group up next, roll with "Great Balls of Fire." Erika Van Pelt and Angie Ziederman are vamping all over the place; Shelby Tweten closes. They only show a short snippet; nothing electric, but well-done.

They string Ziederman along a little but in the end they all make it through too. "The choreography was astounding," says Steven Tyler, before telling Ziederman, "you're a skinny little girl so you don't have tailfeathers, but you sure shook them."

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