Kim Kardashian will face a superfan on ABC's "Big Fan,"...

Kim Kardashian will face a superfan on ABC's "Big Fan," where three fans compete against each other, then battle the celebrity on trivia about the star. Credit: Invision, AP / Jordan Strauss

Reality-TV star Kim Kardashian is the first announced celebrity who will appear on ABC’s upcoming game show “Big Fan,” a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” spinoff in which stars compete with “superfans” over facts and trivia about the star.

“I am going to be on a new ABC game show and I need some of my biggest fans to play with!” tweeted Kardashian, 35, inserting a link to the show’s casting-application page at

ABC announced the show — an expansion of the “Kimmel” segment “Who Knows...?” — in February. Andy Richter is host, with Kimmel among the executive producers. “This show is a lot of fun,” Kimmel, 48, said in a statement at the time. “Andy Richter is a great host, and I can’t think of a better way to terrify celebrities.”

Each episode of the half-hour series will feature one celebrity and three ardent fans. After the fans compete against each other, the winner moves on to a final round against the celebrity. No airdate was announced.

The “Who Knows...?” segment has appeared sporadically since at least 2009 and has featured pop band Jonas Brothers and rocker Huey Lewis. It became widely known when a clip of the April 21, 2014, edition with singer Katy Perry and fan Emily Draznik, a Los Angeles public-relations and social-media coordinator, went viral, amassing more than 8.6 million views on YouTube. Last month when ABC announced “Big Fan,” Draznik jokingly tweeted to Perry, “If they don’t ask us to host this I’m suing.”

The show is unrelated to the 2009 comedy-drama “Big Fan,” starring Patton Oswalt as a passionate New York Giants football fan whose team-worship leads him to a sad end.

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