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Lacey Brown Credit: Fox Photo

Paige Miles or Lacey Brown is about to be the first finalist cut from "American Idol." I think it'll be Paige. I like both of them, but she just doesn't seem to have much of a following.

Really, the other contestant in the bottom three, Tim Urban, should be going based on his horrific reggae-ization of the Rolling Stones, but he's got a lot of teenyboppers voting for him.

Wow, it's Lacey Brown!  She sings "The Story" to try and get the judges' save, and I'm telling you, she should not be going -- she's got a great voice and a really interesting personality and has tons of charm.

The judges are really unlikely to use the save so early, but her performance is really good; it's one of the best of the season so far.

Simon says they're not using the save. Man, I'm really gonna miss her. I thought six other contestants performed worse than her -- Tim was very clearly at the bottom, followed by Casey James, Andrew Garcia, Michael Lynche, Katie Stevens and Paige Miles.

Lacey really deserved a bigger following. "American Idol" just got worse without her.

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