Burnell Taylor and Tony Foster's group doing "Some Kind of Wonderful" next on "American Idol" — inspired song choice, fits their voices and personalities well; they've all got a throwback aspect to their look, too. Both make it on, their other two group members get cut.

Lazaro Arbos' group next, doing "Wouldn't It Be Nice." Good song choice, all of them have smooth voices. "A little bit inconsistent," says Mariah Carey. Two of them get cut, but a floored and emotional Arbos moves on.

Joshua Stevens, who got cut, tells the camera he feels like they spent a lot of time in rehearsals trying to help Arbos get his part down, and that he wound up taking his spot.

Trevor Blakney and Joshua 'Jada' Davila and their mismatched "Country Queens" group are up next, singing "More Than Words." Painful to listen to — they forget a lot of the lyrics, there's no togetherness, no choreography. Carey calls it a "challenging, rough day" for all of them. Jada moves on,  Blakney is cut.

Babyface group up next; David Leathers, Kevin Quinn, Sanni M'Mairura and angelic-voiced Kayden Stephenson singing "For The Longest Time." Stephenson forgets his words, and even though it's an enjoyable performance overall, he along with Quinn are cut. M'Mairura's one of my favorites, glad to see him moving on.

Group day for the guys ends with Brooklyn's Frankie Ford — who said he sings on the subway to try and make money — and Papa Peachez' group, which seems to have had a lot of drama.

Ford is having a meltdown right before they go on, crying and talking about how he feels sick. Adam Sanders tries to rise above it all during the performance; I really like his voice.

It's disjointed and a bit odd. Minaj asks them to raise their hand if "you thought it was bad," and they all slowly raise their hands. She tells Ford "you fell apart for me today .?.?. and it's crazy because I love you so much." Peachez tells her the group was "a hot mess."

Ford and Peachez are asked to step forward, Minaj lectures both of them, tells Peachez to stop being complacent and "step up" during the rest of the competition and then they wind up sending through everyone but Ford.

It's sad, Ford definitely had the vocal abilities, but just had an emotional meltdown. His group mates try to talk to him afterward, but he doesn't want to talk to them; walks away from them sobbing. Winds up telling the camera, "I'm coming back next year and I'm going to win."

And then goes off alone into the night.

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