"American Idol" - Lazaro Arbos performs Keith Urban's "Tonight I...

"American Idol" - Lazaro Arbos performs Keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry" in the Sudden Death Round. He was nervous - and it showed - but the judges were forgiving and each one found something positive to say about his shaky performance. He advances to the Top 20. (Feb. 28, 2013) Credit: Fox

David Oliver Willis up first as "American Idol" cuts its final 10 guys down to five; he'll be cut, and is. Bryant Tadeo next, I'd send him through but don't think the judges will; and he's indeed cut, as some in the audience boo loudly.  

Vincent Powell next, Nicki Minaj doesn't even waste any time playing games, just tells him, "you are going through." Mathenee Treco next, he should be cut and is. 

Lazaro Arbos next; there will be a riot if he's cut; and sure enough, he makes it to the semifinals. Cortez Shaw next; he should go on, and does.

Josh Holliday next, he'll be cut, and is. Burnell Taylor next; he'll easily be through, and is. One spot left, for Gurpreet Singh Sarin or Nick Boddington. No idea who they'll choose; I'd go with Sarin just because he's more interesting to me, but neither was fantastic tonight.

And it's... Boddington moving on.

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