Aliana, left, and Lindsay Lohan are featured in the upcoming Netflix...

Aliana, left, and Lindsay Lohan are featured in the upcoming Netflix movie "Falling for Christmas." Credit: Getty Images / James Gourley

In a recent episode of Lindsay Lohan's podcast, the actor and her singer-model sister Aliana Lohan spoke of working together on Lindsay's upcoming return to mainstream movies, the Netflix romantic comedy "Falling for Christmas."

"You have such a powerful voice and I'm so excited for people to hear your song in 'Falling for Christmas,' which is really exciting," Lindsay Lohan, 36, told Aliana Lohan, 29, both of whom were raised in Cold Spring Harbor and Merrick, in Tuesday's episode of "The Lohdown with Lindsay Lohan." "You did more than one in the movie, too," she added in the interview, which also appears as a YouTube video.

Their mother, Dina Lohan, of Merrick, had revealed in an Aug. 31 Facebook post: "Also appearing Aliana Lohan and her two songs on the soundtrack." On Wednesday, Dina Lohan added that Ali Lohan also had a role in the film, "and on the soundtrack 'Without You' written by Aliana co-written by Me." The song, released in October 2021, is credited solely to composers Aliana Lohan, Jason Mater and Bede Benjamin-Korporaal, with Benjamin-Korporaal producing. Additionally, the film-credits website lists Aliana Lohan in the role of "Stylist" but notes "Credit only."

Netflix representatives did not respond to a request for details. The movie's score was composed by Nathan Lanier.

"It's really a beautiful moment when it's in the movie," Lindsay Lohan said of one of the songs, "and I can't wait for people — and especially you — to even see it, because it's a beautiful scene and it really is powerful. For people that don't know, you're in the movie, too. You're acting in 'Falling for Christmas,' and you're great. And it was so much fun to be able to work together on set."

The siblings also recalled a moment together on the set of "The Parent Trap" (1998), director and co-writer Nancy Meyers' family film with child-star Lindsay's breakthrough role. Aliana recalled, "Nancy Meyers, I would watch on her lap as she directed."

"I remember even when we were doing some of the scenes in 'The Parent Trap' when you were walking past me in the airport. Mom was holding you and [their younger brother] Cody, and Nancy was, like, 'Don't look at your sister!' And still in the shots your little face is like [mimics Aliana beaming and looking up at Lindsay]."

"Falling for Christmas," Lindsay Lohan's first film since 2019, following a small role in the European independent werewolf thriller "Among the Shadows," is scheduled for release on Netflix Nov. 10. The actor has been in Ireland shooting "Irish Wish," one of two new movies the streaming service announced for her in March.

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