THE SHOW "Miami Medical," CBS/2, 10 p.m.

REASON TO WATCH You have a major craving for a medical drama, especially one with a Jerry Bruckheimer vibe (JB produces).

WHAT IT'S ABOUT In the opening moments, a nice, young, preppyish couple are driving down some street in Miami - she's pregnant, and almost criminally wholesome - and, of course, you know something terrible is about to happen to them. It does. Cut to Miami Medical, where rock star surgeons tend to the "golden hour" - those precious 60 minutes (or so) they have to save an imperiled life. It's a high-stress world, as evidenced by the complete mental break suffered by chief trauma surgeon Raynard (Andre Braugher). After saving the life of some grievously wounded patient, he wanders away, stark naked. After a minute or so ruminating about the unexpected demise of their boss, the other docs get down to business: Who will replace the poor, old nutjob? Dr. Eva Zambrano (Lana Parrilla) perhaps? Or cocky, stubbled Dr. Chris DeLeo (Mike Vogel)? Or perhaps that mysterious newcomer, who previously worked trauma units tending to injured vets - Dr. Matthew Proctor (Jeremy Northam). He's the one with the English accent.

MY SAY Like any competent Bruckheimer, "Miami Medical" speaks TV very well. It spins the A, B and C story lines like plates in a circus act. It has reduced the medical jargon to the requisite bewildering-cum-authentic prattle. It tells you when to get happy or when to get sad merely by stoking the electronic music track with a few minor or major chords. Naturally, a cute little girl and a baby figure into some of the plot threads: Bruckheimer, alas, is not necessarily celebrated for the subtle grace notes. Despite all this, or because of all this, "Miami Medical" is still a decent hospital drama.

BOTTOM LINE If you believe the buzz in the press, CBS just wants to burn this off in the dead of Friday nights. A shame if true, because the pilot - and especially this cast, with Northam ("The Tudors") and Parrilla (of "Swingtown" and many other shows) - establish that it deserves much better.


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