Michael J. Fox in "The Michael J. Fox Show," Season...

Michael J. Fox in "The Michael J. Fox Show," Season 1. Credit: NBC

Michael J. Fox, in the Hollywood Reporter, says that his NBC series, currently off the air, isn't canceled just yet, but ...well, let him tell you. Here's the quote and go here for the As Told To piece by Lacey Rose. (NBC gave the series a full season order, and a total of seven have yet to air.)

I love this show and I love the people that I work with, and I'd love to continue on with it if that's what happens. I have a feeling of accomplishment, of camaraderie and of affirmation. The hardest thing about doing something is getting started, and once you get started, it gets a life of its own, and you just ride it and see where it takes you. We just have to see where this takes us. But I don't think this journey is finished. I think these episodes, if they're put in a more advantageous spot on the schedule, can attract an audience and keep it. Family Ties was nowhere until the third season.

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