OWN executive Oprah Winfrey. (April 14, 2011)

OWN executive Oprah Winfrey. (April 14, 2011) Credit: AP, 2011

Oprah Winfrey will appear on "CBS This Morning" Monday -- a morning show booking otherwise known around the halls of CBS News as "The Gayle King hire is paying off."

Per CBS: In a candid conversation Winfrey will discuss everything from the latest developments at OWN, her Leadership Academy, and life after her daytime talk show. Winfrey is in New York for a live taping of her “Lifeclass” series, which is in its second season on OWN.

(Question: How candid can it be when Oprah BFF is doing the asking? And isn't Gayle something of a question herself -- as in, why did she leave OWN and her own talk show for CBS?)

But that's neither here nor there: This is a big deal and should make some news. If Oprah is genuinely candid, and doesn't go on about how "things are looking up at OWN," or how "these things take time..."

The place has endured endless executive turnover....just went through a massive failure-to-launch with Rosie O'Donnell, and laid off 30 percent of the staff. There are a few good questions in there. Moreover, this: When is Oprah going to restart her daytime talk show on OWN? She is, after all, the greatest daytime talk show host in history, currently playing at being a network executive. Oprah needs to get back to doing what she does best, and in a role that viewers want to see her in.

I for one miss "Oprah" -- yes, there, I admitted it. I do. And I imagine a few million others do as well.

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