Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari star in "Parks...

Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari star in "Parks and Recreation." Credit: NBC

From the Dept. of No Big Shock (But You Never Really Know Until You Know): NBC has just re-upped "Parks and Recreation" and we're still awaiting official word on "The Office."

Of course "Office" is almost certainly coming back, but you couldn't quite add that "of course" to "Parks & Rec," which played like a series finale Thursday night to some extent (and as my colleague and editor Andy Edelstein correctly noted, how can it still be "P&R" now that Leslie Knope has joined the city council; well, I guess Ron Swanson will still be there...)

No official statement from NBC just yet, except to confirm the "P&R" pickup, but a handful of highly reliable sites are all saying  "Office" is a done deal too. New York mag's "The Vulture" also says that "Parks & Rec" picked up a 22-episode order - bypassing the 13 that went to "Community" and  "30 Rock."

Also of note: "Up all Night" got an order, and I believe "Whitney" as well, though don't hold me to that just quite yet. 

Why the delay on "Office?" Probably the oldest story in TV - money. But what the exact issue is at this point, who knows?

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