Phillip Phillips, singing the Box Tops' "The Letter" on "American Idol," gets a kick out of guest mentor Steven van Zandt busting on his friend and mentor Jimmy Iovine for giving Phillips advice on how to sing it.

Phillips is my least favorite of the remaining contestants, since he just does the same thing with every song. He should listen to Iovine.

But he's arrogant so he doesn't, and he gives his usual high-energy performance. I liked the original song, but not his smug take on it, which makes it non-melodic.

"I loved it, dude," says Randy Jackson. Jennifer Lopez says she doesn't know the original song, has nothing to compare it to and thinks it lacked melody, but calls him a "dynamic performer" who makes things "compelling."

Steven Tyler says "I missed the melody, but you get away with it, like the Stones got away with it."

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