Pia Toscano is next on "American Idol," singing "All In Love Is Fair." An interesting pick. Let's see if she can do something creative, not just big.

Walks out all in black; slow, dramatic, and everyone's dead quiet listening to her. It's like the beginning to a James Bond film. She reminds me also of Katharine McPhee. She finishes big -- it's OK for me, but not that memorable.

"Hello, beautiful Pia," says Jennifer Lopez. She tells her she loves the vocals, the look, but then says "now you've got to own the stage." Randy Jackson says "you're phenomenal," and says she can really hit the notes -- but advises her not to do just ballads. "You can't live by ballads alone."

Steven Tyler says you're a star, just step it up.

Ryan Seacrest twirls her to show off her backless dress.



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