President Barack Obama will be appearing on "The View" in...

President Barack Obama will be appearing on "The View" in a prerecorded interview which will air on July 29, 2010. (July 22, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

If you had to guess -- who is the first sitting president to have ever ever ever appeared on a daytime talk show, you might think of Richard Nixon ("Mike Douglas") but you might also be wrong, because Nixon was a candidate at that point.

In fact, the first will be Thursday, and honor goes to the president who has spent more time in front of cameras than any of his predecessors, by an order of magnitude. When President Barack Obama appears on "The View" Thursday Barbara Walters -- still recovering from heart surgery -- will be there as well. The show tapes Wednesday. (Vice President Biden has already been on.)

Per Babs, via the news release:
“We are so pleased and honored that President Obama will be a guest on ‘The View.’ The president last appeared on the program in March 2008 while he was still a senator, and first lady Michelle Obama was a featured guest co-host in June 2008.

"This shows that both the president and first lady feel that our show is an influential and important source of information and news. I’m also going to appear on ‘The View’ Thursday for the first time since my open heart surgery in May. I will return full-time in September," the release said.

You'd think his first daytime stop would've been "Oprah" -- but maybe that would be too transparent. This is the perfect forum for him -- completely nonconfrontational, friendly, and deeply, deeply sympathetic, with the exception of Elisabeth, who will probably sit on her hands. He'll get an enormous amount of coverage -- and all the sound bites will be happy ones, to lead off the evening news. 

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