"Push Girls" stars Auti Angel, left, and Mia Schaikewitz promote...

"Push Girls" stars Auti Angel, left, and Mia Schaikewitz promote their new reality show in Manhattan. (May 31, 2012) Credit: Sundance Channel


WHEN | WHERE Monday at 10 on Sundance

REASON TO WATCH It's "Sex and the City" on a roll.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT OK, it's not quite "Sex" -- not as glitzy or breezy, and way more real. But it is indeed four great dames living as babes with brio.

And wheelchairs. A show's gotta have a peg.

Thankfully, it's not the only thing this unscripted saga hangs on. Not with these women making instant impact, of course, with their stories but also through sheer personality. Angela's got the drive, as an ex-lingerie model restarting her career years after being rendered quadriplegic in a car wreck that killed her best friend. Tiphany's got the gumption, doing her hot-blonde strut in either her sleek silver Mustang or her chair with 26-inch rims. Auti's got the hip-hop heart, as a former dancer from the 'hood; her husband calls her a firecracker. Mia's got the boyfriend she's unsure about, plus a different backstory -- a spinal blood vessel ruptured and "my whole body turned against me."

Fiercely independent, none likes the notion of hanging with other chicks in 'chairs, yet here they are, real-life tight, trading romance feedback and career advice. Angela's determined to model again. Auti's ready to start a family at 42. Mia and Tiphany are betwixt and between on the guys, or girls, in their lives.

And they're all, frankly, hot, as befits living in the "body-conscious" city of Los Angeles. But if you think they're just eye candy, you're gonna get run over.

MY SAY Tonight's premiere mostly introduces the cast and fills in backstories. In this case, that's plenty. Each of the women makes a sharp enough impression to fascinate. And their life situations get you engaged. Is Angela being blithely unrealistic about her modeling hopes? Or admirably gutsy? One thing's for sure: I'll be watching whatever happens to this compelling quartet.

BOTTOM LINE Just found my new four best friends.


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