Rachel Zevita is next on "American Idol" and actually looking forward to this. She's in a dramatic black wrap which she sheds, and then goes into a sultry version of "Criminal"-- a lot of fun, a bit unexpected coming from her.

She's strutting around the stage and plays with the audience. As it goes on it feels odder, like it just doesn't seem like her, she's trying too hard to make an impression and not sure the song choice was a good one.

Steven Tyler said maybe too Broadway; Jennifer Lopez says you have an amazing range, but not sure if this is you. "It wasn't great, it wasn't good -- it just didn't work," says Randy Jackson.

Karen Rodriguez is next. She may be too obnoxious for me. Singing "Hero," and it's immediately forgettable -- hmmm, until she slips into Spanish. More interesting, but vocally nothing special. 

I mean, if the bilingual thing is gonna be her angle, why not sing something with a connection to her heritage?

Jennifer Lopez is going "wow," so excited, loved her Spanish flavor. Randy Jackson thought her Spanish vocals were better than her English, Steven Tyler thought it was "fantastic." Eh, I just didn't feel it.

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