Actress Alexis Bledel attends a party for the opening night...

Actress Alexis Bledel attends a party for the opening night of her new Off-Broadway show, "Regrets" at Beacon in Manhattan. (March 27, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Now this from the front lines of celebrity journalism: Us is reporting that "Mad Men" actors Alexis Bledel (Beth Dawes) and Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell) are an honest-to-goodness-real-life-item. "Mad Men" fans know what this means — show creator Matthew Weiner is even smarter than we think he is. Bledel — best known from "Gilmore Girls" — played Beth during the fifth season: She was the frustrated, deeply depressed wife of bore, and Pete Campbell train companion, Howard Dawes (Jeff Clarke.) One day, Pete finds a lonely Beth in the parking lot, and heads home with her, where whoopee is subsequently made.  Pete later develops a wild crush .?.?. dreams about her .?.?. invites her to an apartment in the city .?.?. and probably even lays the groundwork for leaving Trudy (Alison Brie).  But Beth ends up having electroshock therapy and doesn't even remember Pete's name, much less the night of passion. The Us report, therefore, is a happy one.

Pictured above: "Mad Men" actress Alexis Bledel attends an opening night party for her  Off-Broadway show, "Regrets." (March 27, 2012)

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