Just when you thought Ricky Gervais couldn't get any more publicity, Ricky Gervais gets more publicity. STAT! Get me that man's publicity agent - I want to shake his (or  her) hand. Brilliant! Last night he once again defended his Golden Globes performance - as thought it actually needed defending - on "Piers Morgan Tonight."

   May I offer a final word on this controversy? He did was he was hired to do! In the old days - a decade ago - the Golden Globes were an object of fun in this industry. Stars attended almost as a joke beause they  knew the cameras were going to be there, and that NBC would telecast, and that maybe it'd sell extra tickets. How many times did we see a rollicking Jack Nicholson in the front table...The standing joke was that everyone on hand was drunk! Ha Ha. How funny.  But then stuff changed: people took the Globes seriously because someone told them it might actually help their chance to cop an Oscar. The drinking stopped. The self-importance swelled.  The Globes were suddenly "serious."

   Apparently Ricky Gervais didn't get the  memo. So what. His jokes - monologue ones anyway - were amusing. If people - namely the self-regarding stars - were offended, then too bad.

  Also I note from this clip below that Gervais closing joke about atheists - "Thank God I'm an atheist" went straight over Piers Morgan's head. Amazing! it's one of the oldest jokes in the world - it is so old that I can't even put a date on it - but Piers Morgan thought Gervais was making some sort of statement! 


  OK, enough babbling: Here's clip. Apologies for the poor quality but CNN doesn't let you post their own clips...




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