Mark Feuerstein as Dr. Hank Lawson in "Royal Pains."

Mark Feuerstein as Dr. Hank Lawson in "Royal Pains." Credit: USA Network/Tim Whitby

"Royal Pains," the crown prince of Long Island TV production, just received a two-season order. That means...well, it means all those camera crews in your front yard aren't going anywhere. 

That's the good news. (Or, depending on your views about camera crews, maybe not). The less good news: The order is a truncated one, for only eight episodes per season. (The sixth season of "Pains" was for 13 episodes.) At least under this arrangement, the show will reach 100 episodes in the eighth season -- the magic number for syndication, which may go part of the way in explaining the reason behind a smaller order...

“‘Royal Pains’ remains a staple for fun summer TV viewing, and we are pleased to bring back the series for two additional seasons,” said Chris McCumber, President USA Network. “We’re extremely proud of both the talent and creative team, who, season after season, have brought to life to these relatable and multifaceted stories, which continue to attract a loyal fan base.”

Indeed it does -- particularly on Long Island where there's sport in trying to figure out exactly where those camera crews are pointing their cameras -- in truth, very little of the series is shot on the East End, but various points west. "Pains" truly is a Long Island series.

Was it in danger of cancellation? Well, that's unclear. When the sixth wrapped, USA did not rush out with a renewal notice -- never a great sign. But "Pains" remains a solid performer for the network (per its numbers, 3.36 million viewers on average.)  

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