James Franco attends the "Kink" New York Premiere at IFC...

James Franco attends the "Kink" New York Premiere at IFC Center in Manhattan on Aug. 22, 2014 Credit: Getty Images / Andrew H. Walker

'Saturday Night Live" tackled Ferguson on Saturday night's James Franco/Nicki Minaj/Seth Rogen edition, but there was one sketch among a handful -- arguably the funnier one, or inarguably the "punnier" one -- that never made it to air. This naturally presumes anything could be "funny" about Ferguson, which is hard to imagine... 

This sketch, "Morning News," was one of those "cut for time" sketches that don't exactly die, but are re-purposed on "SNL's" Youtube channel. (I am told there are many many sketches that never make it to air -- and indeed probably a good number of those don't even make it to Youtube.)

There was no reason why this didn't make air -- unless the single word "time" suffices as a reason, Or maybe "SNL" figured enough was enough -- particularly with "Weekend Update," and that Kenan Thompson sketch on Al Sharpton.  

Nevertheless, "Morning News" is getting plenty of action on the Web, and is well within viral territory at the moment.

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