Siobhan Magnus meets fellow-screamer Adam Lambert on "American Idol." She looks very Elvis-y with her new hairstyle. She's singing "Suspicious Minds." Adam loves her pipes but says it felt sleepy, so she he has her speed it up.

Very intense start, and totally passionate and dramatic. Wow. This totally works speeded-up, gives it some tension. Yet she's effortless on the chorus. Second part she's just singing, then lets loose, biiiiiig vocal, slows it down, gives it some blues.

Fascinating to listen to. And a huge ending. She's leaving it all on the stage. A bit odd though, it's like I wanted to really like it, but it wound up being a bit all over the place.

Randy likes how she took some chances, "that girl can sing right there." Ellen liked the big vocals in the second half. Kara says it's confusing for her, not sure which voice is hers.

Simon says it was like a completely different person, calls the first part "terrible," didn't like the big notes either, "erratic and screetchy." Thinks she's lost who she was.

She says afterward she can't even "label herself," doesn't want to be pinpointed as one type of singer. Yeah, but you gotta at least be more like Adam -- be different every week, but be excellent.

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