Damian Lewis, left, and Frank John Hughes in "Band of...

Damian Lewis, left, and Frank John Hughes in "Band of Brothers," which was directed by Steven Spielberg. Credit: HBO / David James

Steven Spielberg will be the subject of a new HBO documentary airing Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. He began his career in TV and even continued to dabble on the small screen after hitting it big as a movie director. Here are five notable Spielberg TV projects:

NIGHT GALLERY (1969) Spielberg directed a memorable episode of the Rod Serling anthology series called “Eyes,” which starred Joan Crawford as a blind woman desperate to restore her sight.

DUEL (1971) Spielberg directed and produced this acclaimed TV-movie thriller about a motorist (Dennis Weaver) being stalked on a lonely highway by a tanker truck. The movie opened Hollywood’s eyes to the 20-something Spielberg. (In an odd coincidence, “Duel” airs Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. on MeTV at the same time as the Spielberg documentary.)

COLUMBO (1971) “Murder by the Book,” the very first episode of Peter Falk’s classic detective series, was directed by Spielberg. The plot concerned one member of a mystery writing team who wants to leave his less talented partner and ends up becoming the victim in a real-life murder mystery.

AMAZING STORIES (1985) Spielberg co-created this NBC adventure/fantasy anthology and directed two episodes.

BAND OF BROTHERS (2001) With Tom Hanks, he produced the HBO World War II miniseries.

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