Plainview's Tiffany Seely in a scene from the "Survivor 41"...

Plainview's Tiffany Seely in a scene from the "Survivor 41" episode that aired on Nov. 3, 2021.   Credit: CBS / Robert Voets

Making it through another episode of bewildering and complicated new twists and rules, Plainview middle school teacher Tiffany Seely continues forward after Wednesday's episode of "Survivor 41."

Emerging as a strong voice among the players, the 47-year-old Seely rode out the twist in which Erika Casupanan, returning from banishment to Exile Island, exercised the opportunity given her there to revert the team immunities granted last episode. Thus, the team of herself, Seely, Heather Aldret, Xander Hastings, Shan Smith and Liana Wallace, who had not received immunity from elimination, now had immunity. Those who did have it — Ricard Foye, Evvie Jagoda, Danny McCray, Deshawn Radden and Sydney Segal, plus Naseer Muttalif, who had been invited to join that team — had it no longer.

Seely's most prominent action in this season's seventh episode was conspiring with Hastings and Jagoda to fake out other competitors in regards to an immunity idol Hastings had. The three crafted a fake idol for Hastings, who gave his idol to Seely. When Wallace, for strategic reasons, later asked Hastings formally if she could have his idol, he told her he had none and revealed he now only had a fake one.

Eventually at Tribal Council, where the competitors vote on who will be eliminated, Seely wanted to play the idol in order to keep Jagoda in the game. Hastings urged Seely not to, feeling Jagoda would be fine regardless and so not wanting to waste the immunity. Seely heeded his advice. That strategy paid off, with Segal being voted off the island, getting five votes next to Jagoda's four and Radden's three.

ANOTHER LONG ISLANDER ADVANCES. Wednesday night on Fox's "Alter Ego," in which CGI avatars perform in place of the real-life singers voicing them, 21-year-old Glen Head college student Samaera Hirsch, aka CGI avatar Misty Rose, sang "Woman" by Kesha. Her pop performance bested that of Rochester, New York’s, Mia Cherise Hall, 18, who performed Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years."

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