Hank Azaria stars in the new romantic comedy series "Free Agents" previewing Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. on NBC/4. He's had a long TV career, which has included the offbeat Showtime drama "Huff," memorable guest turns on "Friends" and "Mad About You," and these five:

THE SIMPSONS (1989- ) -- He's provided the voices of convenience-store owner Apu, bartender Moe and police chief Wiggum, among others.

HERMAN'S HEAD (1991-94) -- On this Fox comedy, he played Jay, the womanizing pal of the title character (William Ragsdale). Jay be- came involved with a woman played by Yeardley Smith -- yep, the voice of Lisa Simpson.

IF NOT FOR YOU (1995) -- This romantic comedy, in which Azaria played a record producer who fell for someone else's fiance, lasted a mere three episodes

STRESSED ERIC (1998) -- Cartoon in which Azaria voiced the worn-down-by-life title character, a divorced dad living in London. Lasted just two weeks.

IMAGINE THAT (2002) -- This NBC comedy was also a two-week wonder: Azaria played a TV comedy writer who incorporated his marital woes into the show's skits.

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