Play along with me here, but: What if your entire family re-enacted all five seasons of "Lost" in four minutes and 55 seconds? Then, you posted the whole thing on the web?
 Sorry, but it's been done. And done surprisingly well.
 In fact, hilariously well.
  Meet Mike Antonucci, a 22-year-old filmmaker from North Massapequa, who pulled members of his far-flung Island family - from Manorville, to Malverne, to North Massapequa - to perform one of the more unusual thespian feats you'll ever hear about.
  Mike, you see, works for a company called LandlineTV - a so-called webotainer that produces original comedy content for the web, notably Youtube and partners, Babelgum and IGN.
Says Mike (who now lives in Brooklyn), his family was "always asking me, when are you gonna putt us in a video? I told them [about this]. They had no idea what 'Lost' is about, so when I tried to explain to them what they were gonna do, they were confused and even more confused when I told them about scenes like reenacting the hatch."
  Well, it doesn't show. (Just kidding, Mike: It shows.) The video is a viral hit, says Mike, 100,000 hits and counting.
  Here's the full cast : Michael A. Antonucci, Michael G. Antonucci. Phyllis Antonucci Gina Antonucci, P.J. DeLessio, Michael E. Antonucci, Matthew Antonucci, Mark Antonucci, Phyllis Somma, Robert Somma, Philip Somma. Andrew Somma and Frank Portantino.
  Ladies, and gentlemen, take a bow.


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