Justin Hartley, who portrays Kevin on NBC's "This Is Us,"...

Justin Hartley, who portrays Kevin on NBC's "This Is Us," took a dig at Long Island on Tuesday's episode. Credit: Getty Images / Nicholas Hunt

Tuesday night’s episode of NBC’s breakout hit “This Is Us” included a brief shoutout to Long Island — even if it wasn’t as flattering as we’d like.

It took place during a scene in which Kevin Pearson, the actor sibling (Justin Hartley), was trying to clarify the nature of his relationship with Sloane Sandburg (Milana Vayntrub), his theater colleague-turned lover.

“I like you,” Kevin says, evidently sincerely. “You’re funny. You’re brilliant — even though you’re from Long Island.”

Responds Sloane (rightfully so): “What’s wrong with being from Long Island?”

“I’ve heard other New Yorkers slam it,” observes dimwit Kevin, “So I might as well fit in.”

The L.I. disser may have gotten his, though, by episode’s end. Kevin explains to his ex, the Broadway actress Olivia (Janet Montgomery), who conveniently reappeared Tuesday night, why he has decided to stay with Sloane and not go back with her.

His convoluted reasoning? Staying with Sloane is the right thing “even if it’s not what you want.”

The problem: Sloane overheard the conversation. She wasn’t happy.

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