"American Idol" is totally milking the whole "Jersey Shore" theme. They do a fist-pumping 101, and get dance instructor Tiffany Rios to demonstrate how Jerseyites tease out their hair (she's wearing a bikini with big stars).

Ha, she says Jennifer Lopez is her role model! She's so excited she's crying; it's actually kind of touching, she really idolizes Ms. Lopez.

My gosh, she wrote some song, and bangs around the big metal stars on her bikini top. It's over-the-top and she makes us cringe when she hits the high notes, but as Lopez says she's definitely "original."

In what may be the line of the night, Steven Tyler asks her about "the joo-joo-bees on your ooh-ooh-bees."

She then sings "I'm Your Lady," and I actually don't hate it, there's real passion there, and she kind of has a voice!

Lopez says she's "so happy" that she sang that, "you have a really good voice, I know you're crazy, but you want to be taken seriously." They put her through. Yaaay! Afterward Lopez sums it up: "She's out of her mind, but I love it."

Hmm, I'm really liking Lopez so far. She's got like a "normal people" reaction to things and, so far,, I think her judgment is spot on.

They show Lopez having problems rejecting a bunch of bad singers. "You're very sweet but this is not for you," she says, but feels bad afterward.

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