FALCON CREST: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASONSeries Answer to the trivia question, what aired after "Dallas" during its '80s CBS Friday night heyday? Also, what nighttime soap starred Ronald Reagan's ex-wife? Not to mention, which show should we blame for Lorenzo Lamas? Jane Wyman is the icy California wine country matriarch, with Lamas as her playboy grandson and Robert Foxworth as his good-guy uncle, among a cast of dozens.

Extras None.

List price $40, out today from CBS.

Also out todayMERLIN: SEASON 1 Lively young fantasy/legend series, begun on NBC before moving to Syfy for current Season 2, plus full disc of extras; $50, BBC.

THE BILL COSBY SHOW: SEASON 2 Underrated 1970 single-camera comedy about a high-school coach, with final-season guests including Dick Van Dyke, Don Knotts, Elsa Lanchester, Mark Harmon, plus bonus recent Cosby interview; $40, only from ShoutFactory .com (click Exclusives tab).

TV DVDs on the way

May 25: "Bing Crosby specials"

June 8: "The A-Team" (complete series set)

June 15: "MacGyver" movies; "Supernatural" (Blu-ray)

June 29: "Leave It to Beaver" (complete series)

Final-season releases:

June 8: "Nip/Tuck"

June 29: "Saving Grace"

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