Series Bryan Cranston books himself a third hard-earned Emmy: His suburban schoolteacher, cancer patient and increasingly hard-boiled meth cooker digs deeper holes for himself, with both his wised-up wife and some deadly crime lords. Aaron Paul, as his conflicted sidekick, finally gets an Emmy of his own. And what a cliffhanger! (AMC's fourth season starts July 17.)

Extras Great stuff, again. Three episodes are uncensored. Inside treats include episode commentaries, cast/crew video podcasts, web backgrounders, and featurettes on the show's special effects, music, those scary silent brothers, more.

List price $40 DVD/$50 Blu-ray disc, out tomorrow from Sony.

Also out Tuesday

THE GENE AUTRY SHOW: COMPLETE FIRST SEASON Singing cowboy upholds the law with (no) help from comic sidekick Pat Buttram in '50s fave seen on Encore Westerns, with Autry commercials, "Melody Ranch" radio shows, movie trailers; $35, Timeless.

THE BIG C Laura Linney's upright teacher goes off-kilter after getting a terminal diagnosis (Showtime's Season 2 starts June 27), with interviews exploring the show's quirky comedy; $35, Sony.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Desperate students" mystery-romance is addictively adapted from teen book series (ABC Family's second season starts June 14); $60, Warner.

THE GLADES Displaced Chicago detective gets swamped with Florida murders (A&E's Season 2 started Sunday); $40, out June 14 from Fox.

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