David Lynch will direct every episode of Showtime's "Twin Peaks"...

David Lynch will direct every episode of Showtime's "Twin Peaks" remake (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File) Credit: AP

"Twin Peaks,"  per its enduring character and allure, remains a mystery, even as the Showtime adaptation approaches. ... But at least some hard news about the reboot arrived Tuesday morning, when Showtime president David Nevins met the assembled press here. 

The headlines -- David Lynch will direct every episode, and the series could arrive as early as next year, although Nevins said (in effect) that he's not holding his breath and, so, neither should you. (Co-creator and show runner Mark Frost had earlier indicated that a 2017 arrival date seemed more likely). "I'm hoping we make 2016 [but] ultimately it's going to be in their control," he said.

Lynch, he added, will shoot the entire series as a long movie, after which it will be divided into individual episodes. How many? Again, that's to be determined, but clearly this will exceed the original nine that Showtime had sought; some reports later said the new series would extend over seventeen episodes.

Speaking of which, Nevins also addressed a couple of Lynch tweets from earlier this year, in which the director said he had left the series altogether:  

"I never had any doubts we were going to get him back," said Nevins. But "it became clear it was going to take more than nine episodes than what we had originally planned or budgeted for [so] we had to work out the details. We wanted to get him to direct the whole thing and he wanted to direct the whole thing."

Shooting begins in September, and no (sorry), Nevins did not offer any additional casting news; I believe Kyle MacLachlan has been the only formal announcement, although the woods are full of rumors about who else is coming back. Nevins addressed none of those rumors, other than to say that casting is nearly complete.

"While I can't share many details, I can tell you we're expecting the familiar faces fans are waiting for, as well as some big surprises."

Yes -- as if you need to be reminded -- "Twin Peaks" is possibly the most anticipated series on any network next season, if "next season" is indeed the arrival date. 

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