"A Gifted Man" is a drama starring Patrick Wilson as...

"A Gifted Man" is a drama starring Patrick Wilson as Michael Holt. "A Gifted Man" series premiere airs, on Friday, Sept. 23, 2011. Credit: CBS

We now have a pair of weeks to look at with the new fall season, and the shows that appear to have that 'ol black ratings magic so far are: "New Girl," "Unforgettable," "Revenge" and "Person of Interest."

But let's go to the nights, for a specific look at the highs and lows after the second week of the 2011 fall TV season.

Sunday: "Pan Am" slid but not all that dramatically, to a 2.5 adult 18-49 rating. Needs another week to see what sort of traction exists or does not.

Friday: Tough night for everyone, and not entirely representative so far as ABC and NBC are using the night to repeat a lot of shows. "Fringe" seems to be in an early season rut, but the show has been traditional strong with DVR playback, so the number is not representative. CBS's "A Gifted Man" appears to have gotten some repeat viewers on Friday - 8.1 million, which is good given the desultory time period at 8.

Thursday: "The X Factor's" Thursday edition is holding up -- that's good for Fox -- but not exactly building either (not good.) A 3.9 a/18-49 rating on the night looks good, but Fox wants over a 4. Meanwhile, "Charlie's Angels" took a nasty dip among young adult viewers. CBS newcomers look fine: "How to be a Gentleman" got sampled. . .9 million. . . while "Person of Interest" maintained its week to week hold. That show looks solid so far.

Wednesday: "Suburgatory" got a good start (nearly 10 million viewers, and a post-3 a/18-49 rating.) Also, "Revenge" looks to be ABC's best performing new drama so far -- about nine million viewers last week, but "CSI" has happily weathered the move to Wednesdays; it easily wins the time period.

Tuesday: "New Girl" is a winner two weeks in - a 4.4 a/18-49 rating. "Unforgettable" may be CBS's best-performing drama so far, too -- a 2.5 a/18-49 rating, which the network has to be thrilled with, I would imagine.

Monday: "Two Broke Girls" easily made the move to 8:30, and even beat the lead-in "How I Met Your Mother." NBC's "The Playboy Club" keeps sputtering, although NBC has said it wants to give the show more time. . . How will it do tonight?

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