Deandre Brackensick next on "American Idol" singing for the wild card, doing "Georgia On My Mind." Stalks the stage like he owns it; and on the chorus -- his high-pitched voice makes it so sweet, add in his passion and it's quite a combination. Not great, but quite good; audience loves it.

"Nice way to come out baby, nice" says Randy Jackson. "You should sing like that every single time you get up there," says an excited Jennifer Lopez.

Erika Van Pelt chosen next to sing for one of the three wild card spots, doing Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory." Sounds like she should be touring right now with her resonant voice; it's different than everyone else in the competition -- she's good at building tension, then letting loose with her big vocal.

Jackson is going nuts, "this girl has gotta have it! She's singing like she's gotta have it!" Lopez loved her fight, Steven Tyler says "out of the park, out of the park!"

Final person with a chance to sing their way into the finals is... Reed Grimm. Boo! So definite goodbyes to Creighton Fraker,  Eben Franckewitz, Aaron Marcellus, Chase Likens, Adam Brock, Chelsea Sorrell, Hallie Day, Baylie Brown and Haley Johnson.

Of course, Grimm has to take his outer shirt off. Singing Bill Withers' "Use Me," not a great choice. Not lyrical, nobody gets into it, too weird. Appropriate for him, I guess; not a chance he's going into the finals on that.

Jackson's laughing, calls him "different." Lopez says you deserved one more chance; Tyler loved how he's an artist.

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