Betty Draper, Norma Bates and Marie Barone are just a few notorious TV matriarchs who could surely benefit from a parenting class.

Norma Bates, "Bates Motel"

Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga): Any mom who recruits her teenage son (Freddie Highmore) to help cover up a murder and dump the body doesn't exactly qualify as mother of the year.

Betty Francis/Betty Draper, "Mad Men"

Credit: AMC

Betty Francis/Betty Draper (January Jones): This mother of three may be pampered, but she's also cold, stern and entitled on AMC's 1960s drama "Mad Men."

Marie Barone, "Everybody Loves Raymond"

Credit: Los Angeles Times

Marie Barone (Doris Roberts, right): Marie is the condescending mother-in-law who knows no boundaries in the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond," set on Long Island. She also is a prime example of why you shouldn't live next door to your parents.

Kris Jenner

Credit: AP

Kris Jenner: The momager and matriarch of the E! reality hit "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" has made a pretty penny by thrusting her children into the spotlight, including youngsters Kendall and Kylie, who began skipping school for modeling gigs in their early teens.

Lily van der Woodsen, "Gossip Girl"

Credit: The CW

Lily van der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford): From her multiple failed marriages to sending an innocent high school teacher to jail, the "Gossip Girl" New York City high-society mom can often be conniving and selfish, though her heart is usually in the right place.

Livia Soprano, "The Sopranos"

Credit: HBO

Livia Soprano (Nancy Marchand): Need a reason why Tony Soprano of "The Sopranos" spent so much time in therapy? Look no further.

Estelle Costanza, "Seinfeld"

Credit: NBC

Estelle Costanza (Estelle Harris): There's a reason George on "Seinfeld" is so neurotic, and his always-talking-at-top-volume, needy parents are it.

Lucille Bluth, "Arrested Development"

Credit: Fox

Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter): At the top of the dysfunctional Bluth family food chain on "Arrested Development" is Lucille, who isn't shy about playing favorites with son Buster (Tony Hale).

Evelyn Harper, "Two and a Half Men"

Evelyn Harper (Holland Taylor): The survelilance system outside her house isn't just for criminals; Evelyn on "Two and a Half Men" doesn't really want visits from her family, either.

Malory Archer, "Archer"

Credit: FX

Malory Archer (voiced by Jessica Walter): A long list of things -- alcohol, lovers, her spy business -- trumps Malory's love for her secret-agent son, and employee, Sterling Archer.

Alexis Carrington Colby, "Dynasty"

Credit: ABC

Alexis Carrington Colby (Joan Collins): Alexis hardly has time for her children; she has a "Dynasty" to run, and/or destroy.

Constance, "American Horror Story"

Credit: AP

Constance (Jessica Lange): On the first season of "American Horror Story" (subtitled "Murder House"), Constance, a Southern gothic version of "Sunset Boulevard" egomaniac Norma Desmond, mentally tortures her daughter Adelaide (Jamie Brewer), who has Down syndrome.

Edina, "Absolutely Fabulous"

Credit: BBC

Edina (Jennifer Saunders): On "Absolutely Fabulous" Edina prefers drinking and drugging with bestie Pasty (Joanna Lumley, right) to raising smart, sensible daughter Saffron (Julia Sawalha).

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