YOUNG & HUNGRY - "Pilot" - Gabi (Emily Osment), a...

YOUNG & HUNGRY - "Pilot" - Gabi (Emily Osment), a feisty, young chef, has just landed an interview for her dream job �" personal chef to tech millionaire Josh (Jonathan Sadowski). Josh’s right hand man, Elliott (Rex Lee), is not impressed with Gabi, but Josh is won over by Gabi’s ability to know exactly what he wants to eat. But when the romantic dinner Gabi planned to help Josh propose to his girlfriend takes a very unexpected turn, Gabi fears she may have lost the best job she ever had, on the debut episode of the hilarious "Young & Hungry," airing Wednesday, June 25th at 8:00 �" 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless) Credit: ABC FAMILY / Eric McCandless

THE SHOW "Young & Hungry"

WHEN | WHERE Premieres tonight at 8 on ABC Family

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Young and cute. And perky. And rich. With superfab San Fran digs. And now, gosh golly, each other.

That's Emily Osment, playing a wannabe personal chef who needs to pay her bills, and Jonathan Sadowski, as a tech whiz who needs a personal chef. Faster than you can say "She's blond and sweet, he's nice and sensitive," boom -- they're in the same crib, along with his frank black housekeeper (Kym Whitley) and haughty Asian man Friday (Rex Lee), who also serves to snipe at Our Heroine.

MY SAY "Young & Hungry" is familiar and bland, another paint-by-numbers next step for girls to whom Disney Channel sitcoms are now soooo sixth grade. It's expediently diverse, name-check savvy (Tegan and Sara) and consumer aspirational (the pilot's primary object of affection is a black Amex card).

What this show isn't: fresh, witty or even well constructed. The tech whiz has a "lucky suit" and a shallow girlfriend. Osment's plucky chef "wanted to make tarts, not be one." It's also not a show with a reason to exist.

BOTTOM LINE Get your ampersand fix from "Melissa & Joey."


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