Breanna Steer is next on "American Idol" doing a sultry version of Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust your Windows." She owns the stage, looks like a professional, in total command with her voice -- and nails the big last note. Wow.

"I dated a girl like that many years ago," cracks Keith Urban, who says he "loved it." Thinks the vibe was exactly right, "and you made me believe you could literally bust the windows out of my car." Nicki Minaj says she could go out and get a record deal right now; says "you were believable, you had your swag on." Randy Jackson calls it a "perfect" song choice, with Mariah Carey was loving how the contestants get to choose their own song in this round.

Janelle Arthur is next with a classic country voice on Lady Antebellum's "Just a Kiss." Nothing amazing, but well sung. It's going to be tough for her though on a night when we've seen so many memorable performances to stand out.

Urban wasn't crazy about the song choice, saying he thought it was limiting for her. Minaj says it "fell a little bit flat," and didn't see the "silent confidence, ease" that she usually projects -- "don't ever do that again, don't try too hard, because you don't have to." Jackson calls her his "favorite country singer" this season, wishes she'd picked a better song. Carey rambles, says "I'm rooting for you."

Zoanette Johnson closes the night with an over-the-top, unbelievable version of "The Circle of Life." She's singing from the bottom of her soul and there's raw emotion on her face. The judges are just smiling and taking it all in. She's going at 110% the entire time; all the judges but Carey give her a standing ovation. She's a force of nature.

"I love that you have no clue what you're going to do," says Urban. "Kudos to the queen of the jungle." Minaj says, "you just served it." She says she loves how everyone from Liberia is going to get to watch her on the show, "you're the person we're going to remember after tonight -- you're unforgettable, you're a superstar." Johnson gets emotional, says she loves how the U.S. and this show gives people who come from nothing "a shot."

Jackson loves her spirit and emotion, Carey says "it's almost like your spirit is too big to be contained." 

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