Jump, pop, bam! Are you ready to get funky?

Here's a riddle for you. It's a kind of dance. It starts with a Z and ends with an A. Are you ready?

Give me a Z, give me a U, give me a M, give me a B, one more letter! An A!

That spells Zumba!

Do you know what Zumba is? It is a Latin dance that combines fast-paced music and an aerobic workout.

We and a few of our classmates went to the Glen Dance Studio in Old Brookville to take a Zumba class. Our instructor was Raphael Francois. It was a lot of fun! We jumped a lot and made tons of noise.

Our favorite parts were the dance, which was just a little "friendly competition": girls vs. boys, and learning how to Zumba. We also did freeze dance but, when we froze, we had to be in an animal pose. We all got a great workout.

We also learned how to merengue. Some steps we did were to walk forward and backward. We also danced in a circle around the room. My whole class says it was fun, so maybe you should try it.

If you want to take up a sport and get a great workout at the same time . . . try Zumba! Raphael made it fun, and we did about five different types of dances during our hour. We were all sweating from our workout.

Flipping for wrestling toys

Do you like the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)? Do you like wrestling toys?

Wrestling toy makers recently made new toys that resemble actual wrestlers. You can get John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H, Randy Orton and even the Undertaker.

They call them the FlexForce. These figures can do flips, they can talk, and some even come with weapons. Don't worry: The weapons aren't real. You can even buy the wrestling ring for them to wrestle in.

You can get them where you buy other toys -- at stores like Toys R Us and Walmart.

Buy them, because you just might like them. Go to wwekids.com for more information. Did we mention that each figure is sold separately? The good news is no batteries are needed! We had a lot of fun with them.

-- Kidsday reporters Frank Bonilla, Adolfo Cimieri and Jalyn Dunlap

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