Rabbi Marc Gellman

God Squad

Rabbi Marc Gellman writes about religion for Newsday.

God Squad 7/3/15 God Squad: Independence Day has spiritual significance There's a clear religious limit on celebrating nations. Nations can usurp God as the object
God Squad 6/27/15 God Squad: Forgiveness is a mighty sword against hate After the tragic killings of nine people during evening Bible study at Emanuel AME Church
God Squad 6/19/15 God Squad: There are many dwelling places in God's house QUESTION: I'm an 87-year-old Protestant Christian woman. I've tried to live my life according to
God Squad 6/13/15 God Squad: Truth is, hope is an indispensable part of life QUESTION: In a recent column on deism, you said that hope is far more important
God Squad 6/6/15 God Squad: Dispute over surrogacy a bad start for any marriage QUESTION: My companion and I are both 54 and have known each other for 15
God Squad 5/30/15 God Squad: Deism embraces reason, but does not reject God QUESTION: I'm a 75-year-old man who's never followed any formal religion, but I have always
God Squad 5/23/15 Interfaith marriage puts Jewish population at risk QUESTION: What's the big deal about marrying "in the faith" with Jews? Furthermore, why does
God Squad 5/15/15 God Squad: Parents can only do their best, children fly or fail on their own QUESTION: Despite our very best parenting and excellent, intense professional psychological treatment since age 5,
God Squad 5/13/15 God Squad: Donate to legitimate charities helping Nepal earthquake victims QUESTION: Most of us here in America are lucky enough to finish the day with
God Squad 5/2/15 God Squad: Does God want us to have cancer? QUESTION: Does God want me to have cancer? In the 1820s, Pope Leo XII said