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Rabbi Marc Gellman

God Squad

Rabbi Marc Gellman writes about religion for Newsday.

LI Life God Squad: The transcendental bonds of Veterans Day Veterans Day occurs every year in America on Nov. 11. It originated as a day
LI Life God Squad: How did Dad and the Rev. Hartman wind up together? Q: Your recent column alluding that Father Tom and your father could know of each
LI Life God Squad: Why I won't be drawn into political squabbles Blessings on you, Rabbi Marc. I have a very simple question. With the exception of
LI Life God Squad: 'Praise God' could never be wrong in my book Q: Why not gdsquad or g-dsquad? — From S A: After Edward Everett visited the
LI Life God Squad: Who is this Sol, who's in charge of heaven? Before Tommy (ex-God Squad co-author, the Rev. Tom Hartman) died, I asked him to send
LI Life God Squad: A word for those struggling to accept God Q: At 62, I am way past my youthful belief in the "God" most humans
LI Life God Squad: Satan's role has changed over time Q: I was one of your students at Temple Beth Torah. I have found myself
LI Life God Squad: Delving into the mystery of blessings A group of 100 or 1,000 people is hard for me to envision, so when