When Angelina Jolie married Brad Pitt in August, she charmed the world with her Versace wedding gown and veil studded with embroidered artwork created by the couple's six children. But you don't need a designer-to-the-stars to take your kids' artwork from the page to the real world.

These companies offer a variety of options for their masterpieces -- you can have them turned into plush stuffed animals, kids' dresses or T-shirts, wrapping paper, postage stamps, even a cutting board or clock.

Necklaces, keychains

Credit: TwoHeartedRanch.etsy.com

From twoheartedranch.etsy.com

Cost $15.95 to $25

How it works Select the item you wish to purchase, then scan or photograph the artwork and email it to twoheartedranch@hotmail.com. "I can resize it to fit," says owner Andrea Dula of Wisconsin. "Sometimes, people have tiny drawings or really large drawings, and it doesn't matter."

Stuffed toys

Credit: Pofuff.com

From pofuff.com

Cost $89

How it works "Kids are so into devices now. We want to encourage them to go back to drawing. Turning their drawings into stuffed toys, it's like magic," says Ziggy Dequito, who owns the business with his wife, Luanne. "They can make anything." The company is based in Melbourne, Australia, and works with a church group in the Philippines to produce the handmade toys. Each is about 12 inches tall and 6 to 8 inches wide, depending on the artwork. Turnaround is four to six weeks, Dequito says.

Wall clock

Credit: alacartepress.com

From alacartepress.com

Cost $36.95

How it works Upload art and order your round, black wall clock, 15½ inches in diameter. Site also offers tissue boxes, ceramic tiles, coasters, garden flags and more.

Trucker hat

Credit: Zazzle.com

From zazzle.com

Cost $14.95

How it works Upload your image to the site. You also can add text and change font style and color as well as choose colors of the hat. Other products include pillows and tote bags.

Plush toys

Credit: Budsies.com

From budsies.com

Cost $69

How it works What kind of creations does Budsies see from kids? "Lots of monsters, princesses, dinosaurs, dragons, lots of ponies," says Melissa Shernoff, director of operations for the Florida-based company. Drawings are turned into 16-inch-tall creations. Takes five to eight weeks, depending on time of year.

Postage stamps

Credit: PictureItPostage

From pictureitpostage.com

Cost Pack of 20 stamps (worth 49 cents each in postage) is $20.55

How it works Scan your child's painting, or photograph a sculpture or other piece of artwork, and upload it to the site. Stamps are printed on 8½-by-11-inch sheets.

Cutting board

Credit: Artsonia.com

From Artsonia.com

Cost $24.95

How it works Visit the gift shop and upload the image. Click on the cutting board option and place order to have your child's artwork printed on a tempered glass surface. Cutting board measures 7¾ by 11¾. Artsonia also offers more than 30 other products, including greeting cards, coffee mugs, totes, mousepads and more.

Fabric, wrapping paper

Credit: Spoonflower.com

From spoonflower.com

Cost Starts at $15.75 a yard for fabric, $13.50 for 6 feet of wrapping paper

How it works Scan or photograph artwork and upload it to website. You can preview and choose repeat pattern options. You can make a collage of images as well. Turnaround is 10 to 12 days. "It's a unique use for children's artwork," says Allie Tate, senior marketing associate for the North Carolina-based company.

Kids' clothing

Credit: Wekidsdesign.com

From wekidsdesign.com

Cost Items range from $150 to $250

How it works Upload a photo of your child's free-form design or picture to the website, and owner Tamara Melcher of Pennsylvania has it made into a T-shirt or dress. You can submit one or multiple pieces of art. "From the drawings, I put them into a repeated pattern," Melcher says. She also offers pillows and other items. Melcher says markers or paint make the best images. Orders take four to six weeks to complete.