Kidsday reporter Allen Kirsch  tested  the Sky Viper  FPV  drone.

Kidsday reporter Allen Kirsch tested the Sky Viper FPV drone. Credit: Kirsch family

I tested the Sky Viper Streaming Video Drone. A drone is an aircraft with multiple propellers used for fun and photography, even by the military. This drone can fly, hover and land. It will take pictures and record video simply by downloading the free app. This allows you to take a picture wherever the drone is, however it does drain the battery life quicker.

This is my second drone, and I think this one is suitable for a beginner flier. A flier is someone who operates a drone. This drone is very durable and the blades will not break skin.

The controller is different from any other controllers I have ever seen. A controller is what you use to transmit the signal to the drone to make it move. On the Sky Viper, the throttle’s controller has buttons to elevate the drone instead of a joystick, which most drones have. I prefer a joystick to buttons. Otherwise the controller is decent.

This drone has auto-hover ability. This means if you drop or put the controller down, the drone will stay in place. I think the camera is OK, but as you progress, you would probably want a better quality camera.

I recommend this to anyone who wants a beginner racing drone because it has very good speed. I don’t recommend using Wi-Fi on it because it drains the battery very fast, in like about 3 minutes. I would rate this toy for kids 7 and older

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RATING: 3 smiles

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