Softball is a very big sport in my community. Every weekend we players slip on our socks, throw on our uniforms, lace up our well-worn cleats, slather on some eye-black, and grab our bats and gloves, ready for a full day on the field. Though it may not sparkle, we all protect this diamond with our life. But, why do the baseball playing boys get all the glitz and glamour of a well-known professional league, and all we get is a face full of dirt after sliding?

Now there is a professional league called the National Fastpitch League. There are only four teams, the USSSA Pride, the Chicago Bandits, NY NJ Comets (they play their home games in Little Falls, N.J.) and the Akron Racers.

This is all great, but it is just the start. Women get paid a lot less than men. And I believe that this is an injustice. Have you ever seen a Pro Softball Game (not a college game) on TV? Has anyone ever said, "Yay! It's Pro-Softball Season" while watching the NBA, NHL, NFL and more? Have you ever seen a female player? I aspire to see a woman be just as famous a ballplayer as A-Rod is, in my lifetime.


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