Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Scott Kiley, Hempstead

Every day at school we hope to go outside for recess. Recess is like a reward for working hard in class. On sunny days, we go outside, and on rainy or cold days we stay inside. Most kids prefer to go outside because they find it is more exciting kicking around a soccer ball in a large grassy area, playing in the playground, running freely or smelling the fresh air.

Here are the top activities to do at recess on the playground and field that kids like at my school:

  • Soccer and basketball can be a great way to challenge friends and have a wonderful time. You can play with as few as two kids.
  • Tag is exciting, and you get to work up a sweat by running around.
  • Playground shuffleboard is a fascinating game to play. Kids use their math skills by counting numbers while having fun too. Our yard has this set up for us.
  • Mannequin tag is another name for freeze tag. You get to use your running skills, and when you are tagged and turn into a mannequin, you need your friends to tag you a second time in order to continue running.
  • Cops and robbers is a creative running game. Kids form teams and find ways to catch one another.
  • Capture the flag is another thrilling game, which uses running, creativity and teamwork to bring the opponent’s flag back to your team’s home turf.

So don’t just sit there, get your classmates together and organize a game after lunch.


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