The Jr. Pirate Ship will be a new ride at...

The Jr. Pirate Ship will be a new ride at Adventureland for the 2024 season. Credit: Adventureland

Adventureland will return for the 2024 season with a different landscape as three rides have seen their last run at the park. The Spinning Cars, the Pirate Ship and the Log Flume have been retired, the park announced. 

Park manager Caitlin DiSclafani announced the retirement of the children's Spinning Cars ride in January, sharing plans to replace it with a Jr. Pirate Ship when the park opens on March 23. The kiddie ride will swing up and down in a pendulum-style motion. The new Jr. Pirate Ship has a friendly tropical vibe, decorated with palm trees, colorful parrots and a smiling, yellow sun. Kids must be at least 36 inches tall to ride with a parent and 47 inches tall to ride alone, DiSclafani said.

The Farmingdale park’s current, larger pirate ship ride for older kids will be retired — but no word yet on what will be put in place in that spot, said manager Jeanine Gentile. The popular Log Flume was also dismantled, and photos showing the parts being removed from the park were shared to Adventureland's Facebook page in February. 

“We’re not really releasing any other information about any other new plays yet,” DiSclafani said when the Pirate Ship was removed. So, stay tuned.

The park decides to retire rides based on their age and also whether their footprint is the best size fit for the new replacement ride, DiSclafani said. The Jr. Pirate Ship will be outside the arcade near the entrance to Kiddie Land.

“We just like to change things up, and if we have the opportunity to do something new, we’re going to do that,” DiSclafani says.


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