Credit: Scholastic

The Jericho Middle School did a bully walk with the famous Aija Mayrock. You may of heard of her, but we interviewed her and will tell you all about her.

For many years Aija was bullied, even when she moved to a new school. In response, Aija wrote “The Survival Guide to Bullying” (Scholastic). She is also famous for writing “roems,” which are a combination of raps and poems. Her favorite place to write is at the beach or at her apartment. Everything she writes is about life experiences or fiction.

Aija thinks it’s common for kids to bully someone else after they have been bullied, but she never did. She felt happy and emotional after writing her book, which she said took her two years. She is also writing a new book.

Wherever she visits, she asks that her audience creates a Top 5 list of people they can trust and talk to about bullying. She wishes she had told someone sooner. She was cyberbullied but didn’t talk to anyone about her problem until she was about 16.

Aija Mayrock spoke at Jericho Middle School during the sixth annual bully walk. The middle schoolers walked on the track. Every lap they did, they got a Popsicle stick, and every mile, a foot charm on a necklace. In total, our school walked 6,612 miles. The whole school wore bright yellow shirts.

Other schools contact her. You can visit