The sixth-graders at our school have started a business -- the HFS Donation Express. They collect money to buy food. They then donate the food to their parish food pantry. However, there is something special about this business. They also collect coupons. They buy supplies to donate if they are on sale. They work extremely hard and have fun doing it.

The HFS Donation Express is made up of different groups that work together for a common goal. The publicity and marketing departments work very hard to spread the word. They speak at meetings at our school and parent meetings, hang fliers and much more.

The financial department handles the money. Its members collect and allocate the money. They count it and allow the business to take money only to buy supplies for the pantry. The circular department searches for sales circulars. They look for sales and tell the couponing department about them.

The couponing department searches for coupons for items on sale. They also collect the coupon donations and cut them out. If the coupon item is not on sale, but they will still save a decent amount, they will use them. They also accept coupon donations. The pantry liaison department will contact our food pantry leader, Sister Carol Radosti. They all work together, and the outcome is phenomenal.

Now, you may be thinking: How do they have time for all of this? Every day they have a whole period devoted to the HFS Donation Express. Each group has one or two leaders. During this period, the heads tell the team what it has to do, and the whole team works on it together. Sometimes, the heads have a meeting. On those days, they leave the team with a task and go to the meeting. For example, some of the tasks for the publicity department might be designing a flier. The couponing department might have to cut out coupons. Sometimes, they might have to give up extra time, but it's well worth it.

The departments would love donations. They accept food, but would prefer money or coupons. If you are interested in donating, contact 516-938-3846 to set up a meeting. All donations should be sent to the following address:

Holy Family School

25 Fordam Ave.,

Hicksville, NY 11801

Please indicate that the donation is for the HFS Donation Express. When you donate, you are helping the needy. Every donation counts.