Actress Meg Donnelly with Kidsday reporters, from left, Sophia Bokhari,...

Actress Meg Donnelly with Kidsday reporters, from left, Sophia Bokhari, Brooke Schaefer, Christopher Antinoro and Joseph Buono from Waverly Avenue Elementary School in Holtsville. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met actress Meg Donnelly while she was visiting Manhattan recently. Meg stars as Taylor on the show “American Housewife,” and we loved her in the movie “Z-O-M-B-I-E-S.”

What made you want to start acting?

I started in theater when I was really, really young. So I think since then I’ve just always knew that it was something I want to do. But I just love movies and I love TV, so I think that’s where I started, yeah.

How do you describe your style?

Oh, wow. I think I describe it as I just wear whatever I want to wear. I’m not trying to impress anyone else. I think I’m obsessed with shoes, so I think shoes come first and then the outfit goes after the shoes.

Who’s your role model?

Probably my mom. She was really hard-working when I was younger and my dad kind of stayed, who was with me. So it’s kind of the opposite of a typical family. My mom was working and my dad was home.

Who is your favorite Avenger and why?

My favorite was always Thor. I’m not really sure why. But my first user name, like ever, was Thorlover725. It’s so embarrassing. But I would definitely say Thor. The new “Avengers” movie blew my mind.

We heard you speak Japanese!

I do. At my school in New York actually, because I grew up here, there was this Japanese boy band that came to my school for like an exchange program. And I became friends with some of them and then they didn’t know any English, so I helped them learn English and they taught me Japanese. And I’m not super, like, insanely fluent, but I’ve been learning for like two years.

What is your favorite Japanese food?

My favorite Japanese food is probably sushi. I love sushi.

What’s your favorite Disney character?

Probably my favorite Disney character, I just watched “Coco” for the first time on the plane and I was sobbing the entire time. People were staring at me because I was crying so much. So probably Hector from “Coco,” because that’s, like, in my brain right now.

What show do you like the most, “American Housewife” or “Team Toon” and why?

I don’t know. “Team Toon,” that was like the first thing I’d ever done when I was like 11. So that was just like a crazy experience. But everyone in “American Housewife” is so nice and so incredible. So I’d say, like maybe, “American Housewife” because, like, it’s just such an incredible experience.

Three songs off your playlist.

Three songs off my playlist, OK, right now I was just playing “Doctor Wu” by Steely Dan. You guys probably don’t know that song. But it’s a really good song. I was just playing that song. Also, “No Tears Left to Cry,” by Ariana Grande, I love that song. It’s so good. And “Nice For What” by Drake.

What’s your favorite scene in “Z-O-M-B-I-E-S”?

Probably one of my favorites is when Zed and Addison are walking up the steps, right before Sunday. And I don’t know, I really like that scene because they kind of, that’s when they kind of realize, like, that they, you know, have similarities and they’re, like, starting to like, you know, yeah. I love that scene. And it was really fun to film. It’s great.

What is your day like?

My schedule, it depends on the day. It always depends on the day. But usually a typical day, it’s like 7:30 to like 5:30.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

My favorite animal is an elephant, and I would love to be an elephant just because they’re so smart and so majestic and they’re huge, so they can be like “rah!” And go run away. I think they’re so cute. They’re really special.

If you could meet any famous guests, who would it be?

Any famous guest star? I don’t know. Maybe Chris Hemsworth because he plays Thor in Marvel [movies].

What is your most annoying habit?

I have a lot of those. Probably No. 1 that my parents always yell at me for is cracking my knuckles. I do that way too often, like my neck, my knuckles, like everything. And my parents hate it, so I’d probably say that.

What is your favorite late-night snack?

I love avocados. If there’s any avocados, I’d definitely eat that, like, straight.

What’s the best and worst thing about being famous?

The best thing is, like, having all this love and support because of the projects that you do, because, like, it was so much fun to film “Z-O-M-B-I-E-S” and the fact that, like, people love it. It’s just so incredible and also, like, the incredible message, too. So I think just kind of like doing projects that inspire people is really cool. The worst thing, I can’t think of like a worst thing. I’m trying to think. I don’t know. I can’t think of anything.

“Z-O-M-B-I-E-S” was filmed in Toronto, Canada. What do you like most about Toronto?

Being in Toronto is so cool. And you couldn’t expect, I feel like Canada, you don’t really think it’s that different from the United States. There’s like cultural differences that’s like, you’re like “wow.” It’s really cool. You hear that Canadians are really nice and it’s very true because they are. And it’s kind of like a mini-New York City. Like, there’s so much culture and there’s so many things to do in Toronto.

What is your most embarrassing moment on a TV set?

OK, during “Fired Up” from “Zombies” when I have to ge t Arial off the bleachers, the first time I ever did it, I fell right on my butt in front of everyone and it really hurt, but I was like, ah ha ha, so funny. But I was like crying on the inside. But, yeah, that was a really funny moment, but it was super embarrassing.

What has been one of your best Halloween costumes and your favorite Halloween tradition?

My favorite Halloween costume. I’m trying to think. I don’t know if you guys own this picture, but there’s this picture of The Rock, like doing the Rock Johnson. And he has like a fanny pack with like a turtleneck. That was on the Internet and I was that for Halloween. And I was really proud of that. So I think that’s my favorite Halloween costume. And then my Halloween tradition is probably trick-or-treating. I love trick-or-treating and just spending it with family. I love Halloween so much.

What fictional character would you want to meet in real life?

Wow. Trying to think, probably SpongeBob. I love SpongeBob so much.

What character do you most like to play?

Probably Addison [from “Z-O-M-B-I-E-S”] because it was like a life-changing experience.

Emily Cole and Kathy Devine’s fourth-grade class, Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville