Some invitations to baby showers are asking gift-givers to use...

Some invitations to baby showers are asking gift-givers to use clear wrap, which minimizes time spent opening and commenting. Credit: Fotolia / Milleflore Images

“Please be a dear and wrap in clear.”

This little rhyme was on an invitation to a baby shower put together recently by event planner Laura Petrocelli, owner of Couture Concepts Inc. of Huntington. It’s indicative of a growing trend at baby and bridal showers — requesting that guests wrap gifts in clear wrap instead of opaque, decorative wrapping paper.

That way, everyone can see what the gift is instead of having to watch each one be unwrapped during the party.

“It’s becoming more and more popular. The No. 1 reason is that bridal and baby showers tend to drag a little bit,” Petrocelli says. “Most of the time is used watching the guest of honor open her gifts. It can get slightly boring. People are trying to think outside the box these days, keeping their event fun and nontraditional.”

The guest of honor can still choose to hold up each gift and thank the giver if she wants, but not having to unwrap makes the process go faster.

If the guest of honor doesn’t want to do that, Petrocelli recommends having extra tables and bringing some crates or boxes to the shower to showcase the gifts in a beautiful display that guests can peruse during the party. In fact, the second-biggest reason for using clear wrapping is that some guests of honor don’t relish being the center of attention, and not having to unwrap all the gifts in front of everyone takes that pressure off, Petrocelli says.

Some more traditional and conservative family members or friends may object to this new trend, Petrocelli says. “Some family members say that part of the fun is unwrapping,” she says. But hosts can remind them that not having to unwrap presents leaves more time for the guest of honor to circulate, so invitees can enjoy her company. “It’s not meant to make the party any less special,” Petrocelli says.